Los Angeles is home to hundreds of literary organizations that serve writers and readers of all ages. Yet geography is a challenge that limits visibility and communication. Five years after moving here, I am still discovering literary organizations that I wish I had known about sooner. In addition, residents can often identify one or two literary assets, such as Book Soup or the LA Times Festival of Books, but few have a sense of the entire landscape. One friend remarked that the literary field seems “Balkanized,” not by aesthetics but by geography.

Los Angeles Literary Alliance seeks to tackle the challenges of our geography. Simply put, you can’t read a writer you’re not aware of; you can’t attend a reading or lecture or festival that you don’t know about. The tools of engagement are constantly changing, yet the process of writing and the experience of reading are steadfast.

Our mission: The Los Angeles Literary Alliance is committed to creating readers, writers, and community through language.

Initial goals:

  • To convene conversations among different groups such as publishers, presenters, writers, etc. to identify specific needs that the Los Angeles Literary Alliance (LALA) might serve.
  • To create a comprehensive directory and map that identifies the depth and breadth of the literary field of Los Angeles County.
  • To establish corresponding social media channels and email list.


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