Los Angeles Literary Alliance seeks to provide a comprehensive guide to the literary culture of Los Angeles County. This directory is our first attempt to capture the breadth and variety of literary happenings across this region. If you’d like to add a listing, please register and fill out the form below.

Literary Centers

Beyond  Baroque
Beyond Baroque is one of the United States' leading independent Literary | Arts Centers and public spaces dedicated to expanding the public's knowledge of poetry, literature and art through cultural events and community interaction. Founded in 1968, Beyond Baroque is based out of the original City Hall building in Venice, California. The Center offers a diverse variety of literary and arts programming including readings, workshops, new music and education. The building also houses a bookstore with the largest collection of new poetry books and CDs for sale and an archive that houses over 40,000 books, including small press and limited-edition publications, chronicling the history of poetry movements in Los Angeles and beyond. Through the years, Beyond Baroque has played muse to the Venice Beats, the burgeoning Punk movement and visiting scholars. Many of the city's leading literary talents, including Dennis Cooper, Wanda Coleman, Tom Waits, Exene Cervenkova and Amy Gerstler, are alumni of the Wednesday night poetry workshop. Many of the worlds most well known independent artists, including Patti Smith, Michael McClure, Dana Gioia, and Viggo Mortensen have performed on its stage.


Beyond Baroque's mission is to advance the public awareness of and involvement in the literary arts; to provide a challenging program of events which promotes new work and diversity; to foster a place in the community for the exchange of challenging ideas and the nurturing of new work; to support writers through readings, workshops, books sales, publication, access to archived material and performance space; to encourage collaboration and cross-fertilization between writers and artists in multiple disciplines with the goal of producing mixed media art; to use the literary arts as a foundation for increasing education and literacy in our community.
Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural & Bookstore
Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural is a not-for-profit cultural arts center and bookstore. We support and promote the continued growth, development and holistic learning of our community through the many powerful means of the arts. The Centro provides a positive space for people to activate what we all share as human beings: the capacity to create, to imagine and to express ourselves in an effort to improve the quality of life for our community.

Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural and Bookstore is a dream of community empowerment. It was first founded in Sylmar CA as an LLC in the summer of 2001 by Chicano author Luis J. Rodriguez, his wife Maria Trinidad Rodriguez, their brother-in-law Enrique Sanchez, and artist Otto “Tito” Sturcke and Maria Flores. Tia Chucha’s doors opened in December of that year with a full coffee bar, bookstore, art gallery, performance space, and arts workshop center.

Tia Chucha’s was named for Luis’s favorite aunt from Mexico, Maria De Jesus Rodriguez – a poet, songwriter, guitarist, singer, and creative spirit who passed on in the 1980s.

Luis as well as singer/musicologist Angelica Loa Perez and Xicano Rap artist Victor Mendoza in 2003 established a nonprofit to incorporate the workshops and create a media center, which received its tax-exempt status in July of 2004. Unfortunately, the landlords unreasonably raised the rent in 2007, forcing a move to Lakeview Terrace. That year, the LLC was disbanded and all its books, equipment, shelving, and more were donated to the nonprofit. Again the organization was hit hard when valuable coffee bar equipment and much more was destroyed and/or stolen in burglaries at the private storage space they were held in. Still Tia Chucha’s moved forward and made another move in early 2008 back to Sylmar, now as a full fledge cultural space and bookstore.

Since then Tia Chucha’s has created two weekly Open Mics, in English and in Spanish; at various times holding workshops in music (guitar, Son Jarocho Mexican tradition, drums, keyboards, East Indian tablas, and more); Mexika (so-called Aztec) dance; classes in writing, theater, puppetry, photography, and others; as well as indigenous cosmology/language workshops and healing arts such as Reiki. They have the only trade bookstore for 500,000 people in the Northeast San Fernando Valley as well as an art gallery, performance space, deli, and clothing/CD/artisan shop. In 2006, Tia Chucha’s began sponsoring the only annual outdoor literacy & arts festival in the Valley called “Celebrating Words: Written, Performed, and Sung” and other well-attended outdoor events. Tia Chucha’s also sponsors a youth empowerment organization, Young Warriors, founded in 2006 by then teenager Mayra Zaragoza.

By 2012, Tia Chucha’s was serving around 18,000 children, teens, young adults, adults, and senior citizens a year.
Writers at Work
Writers at Work was founded by author, editor, and long-time writing instructor Terry Wolverton to provide a space for writers to stretch the imagination, strengthen their craft, produce new work, fulfill their goals and build a community for their work.

The workshops and other services offered by Writers at Work emphasize freedom of the imagination, commitment to one's work, rigorous standards of craft, and a supportive environment that honors a diversity of voices, styles, and concerns.

Workshops are currently offered in short fiction and creative nonfiction, the novel and poetry at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Admission to a workshop is by application, and the staff makes every effort to ensure that each student is placed in a workshop appropriate to his or her level of ability and interest.

While Writers at Work is committed to serving all writers who are serious about developing their work, we have a particular interest in those individuals whose stories have not been as widely recorded in this culture: women, lesbians and gay men, and people of color.