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Reading & Literacy Organizations

The mission of BookEnds is to empower students to create a thriving community by opening the door to community service and literacy.

BookEnds is built upon a powerful belief in our children: A belief that all children should grow up not only with abundant love, food and care but surrounded by the limitless literacy possibilities books provide. We also believe that our children need to be given the opportunity to learn to assist others.

BookEnds is built upon a belief in the power of economy: Driven by our children, BookEnds simple business model transforms every $100 into $500 worth of books.

BookEnds is built upon a belief in our community: BookEnds is a testimony to the significant impact that a simple group of committed people can make.

BookEnds is built upon the belief in sufficiency: It is not that we need to purchase more books we simply need to recycle our books into the hands of children who do not have adequate books to develop literacy skills and to engage and inspire them with a love of reading.

BookEnds is built upon a simple idea that works.

With my deepest appreciation to each of you who impact our community through BookEnds.

Robin M. Keefe
President and Founder
Wonder of Reading
The Wonder of Reading is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to inspire in children the love of reading. We initiate significant, long-lasting benefits for the community by providing children the inspiration and assistance they need to experience the wonder of reading.

The Wonder of Reading furthers its purpose through the 3R Program (Renovate, Restock, and Read). Renovate: A school-based committee plans the library renovation. We expand library space and provide new carpet, paint and bookshelves to made the libray sparkle. Restock: The school committee replaces outdated and ruined books with $10,000 worth of new books to restock the library's collection. Read: Finally, The Wonder of Reading recruits volunteers. Adult partners are trained in a three-hour session led by Dr. Phillip Kligman, professor of early education at Cal State Northridge. Each volunteer reads with a child for an hour every week for the school year.